Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Call for Posts: Accretionary Wedge 48: Geoscience & Technology #AW48

This month, July 2012, I'm hosting The Accretionary Wedge, and the topic that I've chosen is "Geoscience & Technology".  There is no question that technology has played an enormous role in the furthering of geoscience, and I'd like to assemble a series of posts from the geoblogosphere that describes the relationship.  So, fellow geobloggers, how do you perceive technology impacting the work you do?

What to blog about?
I can think of a number of different directions that this topic can go.  For example, if you're a geophysicist, you might discuss how some of the equipment you use works.  If you're a geochemist, maybe you would like to explain how your fancy new ICP-MS measures those super cool isotope ratios.  Maybe you'd like to post about GIS, GPS, Google Earth, or mobile technology.  An epic post on how GPS receivers use billion dollar satellites to determine spatial location would be a welcome addition.  Someone could use this opportunity to give some press to their favorite istuffs or Android apps.  Perhaps you could highlight how a technological development in the past lead to new data that were not previously possible.  Maybe someone will go uber-meta and post about the technology of social media and it's importance to the future of geoscience (any takers?).  Whatever it is, feel free to discuss how you see technology making an impact on geoscience.  Let's put together a great collection of posts!

How this works (mainly for new folks!):  
The Accretionary Wedge is a geology blog carnival; in other words, about once a month a topic is sent out (like this post) and geobloggers write up their contribution to the topic at hand on their blogs.  Anyone in geoscience is welcome to participate.  Especially if you've never contributed before to geoscience blogging, don't be afraid to dip in a toe and test out the waters.  You're welcome to join and add your voice to this conversation.  The deadline for this event is the end of the month, July 31, 2012.  Before that deadline, write up your post & publish it on your blog - start up a blog if necessary! :-).  I recommend including references & links to The Accretionary Wedge blog and this Call for Posts.  Not sure how your post will fit in?  It's called the "Accretionary Wedge" for a reason!  All rock types are allowed in this rock garden.  Sometime in August, I'll read through all of the posts (that I know about!), write up a summary, and post it here on my blog.  In other words, I need to know about your post, so please leave a link to your post in the comments below.  You can also tag me in a post on Google+ or mention me in a tweet (@EarthlikePlanet) if you post a link to your contribution on those social networks (but the more that post links here, the easier it will be on me to corral them all).  Let's go with hashtag #AW48.  As to the deadline: if I haven't posted the summary blog post yet, then you might consider the deadline as more of a "guideline".  Questions?  


  1. Nice. I think I'll do one on accelerator mass spectrometry!

    1. Sounds awesome! I've used HR-SIMS & TIMS, but not AMS. Looking forward to it.

  2. As promised a post on AMS:

  3. Here's mine ... neat topic, and thanks for hosting!

  4. I don't use expensive or high-tech equipment (we contract that stuff out), but even the most humble office tech improvements have been immensely important...

  5. Hi- Here is my contribution on hyperspectral mapping -


  6. Hi Accretionaries! He is my contribution - sneaking it in right before the deadline. This is a blog post on how I perceive technology impacting the work that I do.

    What Technology?

    Evan Bianco (Agile Geoscience)

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